About EDA Careers


EDA-CAREERS is a unique company in the world of recruiting.  With nearly 10 years in recruiting exclusively in the EDA/Semiconductor industry, we pride ourselves on our relationships.  We WORK to help find the best fits for our companies and the best opportunities for our candidates. In effect, we become PARTNERS, so that both the candidate and the company process goes smoothly from beginning to end.  That is why we have worked with over One Hundred companies in EDA, and placed such a broad array of candidates.

Why should a company use recruiters?


Your business success is directly attributable to the experience of the people you hire.  Your time is much better spent working on managing your company, rather than reading non-qualified resumes.  Also, try as you may, finding the “needle in a haystack” is easier said than done.  

At EDA-CAREERS we have a database full of qualified engineers.  And once we are on track with your needs, our resumes will always be ON POINT, with all the relevant information submitted so you can form an  educated decision on the potential candidates qualifications.  We do all the follow up, and help the process through to hire.

 We know no company, especially a start-up likes to pay any additional fees.  Recruiting should be thought of as a COST OF DOING BUISNESS!  Finding the right candidate in a reasonable time frame can be invaluable, and worth the cost many times over.  Ask yourself, “how much is it costing us NOT having the right person in place”? 

Why should a candidate use a recruiter?

There are a few ways you can submit yourself to a company.  But the only way to get absolute attention and follow up is to submit your resume through a qualified recruiter that has the relationship and tenaciousness to continually follow up.  That is what we do, we continually monitor the progress and follow the process all the way through to hopefully hire.  We help both the company and the candidate to come together on scheduled meetings, terms, position and so much more.  In effect, we are the interface to make the transition smooth and easy.  

The interviewing process can be tenuous and arduous.  We help and get answers so that the process never stops, and say and hear the things that sometimes are best heard and said to a buffer.  We are that buffer.

 Frequently candidates tell me “they know someone there”.  My answer is always the same.  I say, “that is a good thing, but do you want them involved in your negotiations, be it salary or position”.  Will they fight your battle to make sure you get the attention you deserve”?  And the answer is almost always “NO”.  We, on the other hand will fight that battle!

Who are our clients?


We typically work with the best most qualified start-ups in the field.  We also work with many of the middle tiered companies as well. 

We pride our self on our relationships, and the years we have in EDA.  Most of the time we are working direct with upper management so qualified resumes always get the utmost consideration.

Our database is full of qualified engineers in all areas of EDA.  From mid-level to very senior, (and the occasional PHD) we cover EDA from front to back.