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CAD Staff Engineer 

East Coast or Remote #6011

This fabless semi company with a changing model from ASIC to more product driven enhancements needs a developed CAD Engineer to work closely on their Designs to maintain and enhance the EDA flow used for analog and mixed signal IC design and layout. This role reports to the Director of Design.


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Lead, support and execute initiatives that enhance Design and Layout execution

  • Manage the installation and use of the CAD tools and foundry PDKs

  • Debug and address any CAD-related issues experienced by Design & Layout

  • Document EDA flows to enable easy adoption

  • Evaluate new EDA tools from various vendors (Cadence, Mentor/Siemens, etc. including small vendors)

  • Work with Senior VP on license negotiations and assessing needs


Qualification Requirements:

  • BSEE/BSCS; MSEE/MSCS preferred

  • 5+ years’ experience serving in CAD roles

  • Experience working in a standard IC design flow

  • Strong knowledge of Cadence, Mentor/Siemens and Synopsys EDA environments including:

  • Analog and Mixed Signal Design and Simulation

  • Digital Design and Verification

  • Layout Design and Verification including Debug and Automation

  • Experience in writing code libraries, APIs, GUIs, and/or custom pcells to improve Design efficiency

  • Experience with script writing within EDA environments (Skill, Tcl, Python, shell scripts, etc.)

  • Strong organizational and communication skills

  • Execution and Continuous Improvement mindsets

  • Able to thrive in a team environment

(Attach Resume)

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