Flexible Hybrid Electronics FHE Developer 

Remote #6934-6936

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My client just closed a large SeriesB funding package with amazing technology to boot. With an incredible management team that starts at the top, they are poised for so much. This company is truly a groundbreaking opportunity for the right engineers.


They are at the forefront of hardware technologies accelerating and optimizing FHE encryption via AI and expect to see performance gains in several orders of magnitude which will transform the ginormous Cloud market by ensuring security and stability of data transmission.


The right candidate will have:

  • Familiarity with privacy preserving technologies such as fully Homomorphic Encryption, secure multiparty computation or differential privacy.

  • Strong understanding of IEEE floating point number systems and precision dynamics

  • Strong understanding of computer architectures- CPU/GPU/FPGA

  • Strong understanding of encryption, encoding and security protocol and error precision. Understanding of ciphertext operations and manipulations (e.g. AES)

  • Experience in advanced DSP algorithms such as FFTs, martrix multiplications etc.

  • Understanding and prototyping of machine learning and advanced math libraries (e.g. logistic regression, NTL, GMP)

  • Strong experience in Advanced System Algorithms with performance understanding and optimizations (Hardware and Software)

  • Strong experience in C/C++. Job responsibilities include development for FHE operators, libraries modules on custom scalable HW fabric.

  • Strong experience of development in LinuxOS. Experienced in implementing classical CS algorithms and data structures

  • Familiarity with developer and debugging toolchains (e.g. gdb). Experience integrating or deploying in production environments

  • Experience in a dynamic, fast-paced environment

  • Familiarity with Python, Shell Environment

  • Advanced Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Applied Mathematics or a related field.

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