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Product Engineering Architect 

Valley #5796

This quite successful company is looking for a Product Engineering Architect to work with their expert team to design solutions for the world's most sophisticated SoC designs. You will have the opportunity to be part of a proven-successful company, and to influence development environment, architecture, verification, and everything in-between.  You will be working with the development team, to turn technology into products with outstanding user experience.  You will also work with Application engineering and customers directly to engineer their IP products into customer’s SoCs. Success in this position will be measured by customer satisfaction and by the number of successful SoC projects using their IP interconnect products that you have influenced.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Negotiate technical requirements with top SoC architects of their customers.

  • Write specifications for these customer driven requirements.

  • Provide feedback to engineering management team regarding product improvements and future directions. Negotiate productization deliverables with existing management.

  • Interact with Application Engineering and Product Marketing.

  • As part of the Product Engineering Team will be responsible for product characterization and assisting Application engineering with customer benchmarking activities.

  • You will answer questions coming from the field that require detailed engineering knowledge of their products.

  • Contribute to the creation and implementation of best practice production engineering; planning vision, strategy, policies, processes and procedures to aid and improve operational performance.

  • Drive continuous improvement activities in quality, cycle times, process improvement, machine availability through lean techniques and value engineering to enhance the capability of existing processes and remove waste.

  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders to ensure optimal performance.


Experience Requirements / Qualifications:


  • 10+ years’ experience with many of the following:

  • Design of complex System on Chip type semiconductors.

  • Application engineering of SoC or EDA products.

  • Engineering development of products that have shipped and were successfully used by customers in volume production.

  • Developing a specification by which each product is qualified and validated against. The specification will specify the product features from the point of reference of customer usability and supportability in the field and based on the product MRD/PRD. The primary focus of the specification and qualification process is to enhance customers’ view of the product, customers’ ease of use of the product, and enhancement of the ability of our AE team to support the product in the field.

  • Testing and validating the deliverables against the specifications.  Thereafter, filing defect reports and enhancement requests against the product development team to fix product issues.

  • Examining the deliverables for compliance with the specifications, usability by the customer, supportability in the field by AE and filing appropriate defect reports and enhancement requests accordingly.  This process will require access to deliverables source code such as RTL, UVM test benches, Software in C++ and Javascript and System C models in addition to synthesis scripts, UPF files, IPXACT models and documentation.  In certain cases, modifications to some of these deliverables may be necessary.

  • Qualifying and preparing and Early Access Release (EAR) of the product and deliverables to the AE team.

  • Proposing changes to the product specification to address customer usability issues and product supportability in the field.

  • Documenting the releases and the release process and managing safety related processes.

  • Developing tools, scripts, programs, workflows to interface with the product and enhance its usability by the customer and supportability in the field.


Master in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering or related field.

(Attach Resume)

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