This company has a great and respected history with one of the nicest CEO’s in the biz.  Their technology is highly regarded in the industry and the workplace is well respected along with competitive comp and good benefits.  They are in need of a UI/Qt developer to advance their current applications.


Technical Experience:

- Developing applications in Qt 5 for both Qt Widgets and Qt Quick

- Using the Python pyside2 Qt bindings

- Using Qt Designer and Qt Creator

- Compiling and deploying Qt on Linux, Mac and Windows

- Interfacing to third-party interfaces such as REST 2.0, GraphQL


Ux Experience:

- Proficiency in developing user stories

- Mocking up prototypes for evaluation

- Usability testing with users onsite and remotely

- Ability to adaptively refine UI designs

- Good knowledge of human factors principles and style guide adherence


A candidate will be expected to provide examples of their work.

(Attach Resume)

Tel. 305-598-2222

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