We understand that there are a few different ways to submit your resume to a company, but the only way to get absolute attention and follow up, is when you submit your resume through a qualified recruiting agency like us, EDA-Careers. Our relationships and tenaciousness make sure the right people not only see your resume but that your resume gets looked at as well.  Our follow up is what makes us the #1 recruiting firm in EDA.  We continually monitor the progress all the way through, scheduling meetings, understanding compensation expectations (on both sides), clarifying both wanted and desired positions, and so much more. In effect, we are the interface to make the career transition smooth and easy for both sides. 

The interviewing process can be tenuous and arduous. We help get answers so that the process never stops. We say and hear the things that sometimes, are best heard by an intermediary, making sure everyones objectives and concernes are handled delicately and proficiently all the way through, hopefully to signing.

Frequently candidates tell me “they know someone at a particular company”. My answer is always the same...I say, No problem, that's a good thing (sometime) but do you want them involved in your negotiations, be it salary or position”? Will they fight your battle to make sure you get the attention you deserve”? The answer is almost always “NO”, whereas we, on the other hand will always fight that battle for you!

We want you!

We want you!


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Mark Gilbert

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Feel free to call us anytime… for any reason, we are here to help & give good career advice, even if you're not our client or not currently looking.


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