At EDA Careers, we do RECRUITING differently! 
​​​​​​​Our follow up is what makes us the Industry's #1 recruiting firm 
We make sure to qualify both sides before submitting, by making sure the candidate rightfully fits the needs of the company, and the candidates, opportunities that match their skills.
We know both sides are busy and follow up is needed to keep focus on the process... Our job is to stay involved (from the beginning), every step of the way, helping both sides to stay informed and keep things moving forward to a conclusion. 
A few things we do...
  • Initial preparation for 1st screen
  • Help to arrange best times for all sides, send invites, make sure both sides accept
  • Follow-ups with both parties
  • Discuss results, thoughts, concerns, and help arrange next steps (or notify of not)
  • Discuss and advise both sides on COMP issues and expectations
  • Help to close the process

Current Career Openings


Sr. R&D SW Developer

Bay Area   #5291


Software Architect GUI    

Bay Area   #5373


Software Developer Full Stack JavaScript  

Valley or Austin, TX  #5385

Sr. Software Engineer  

Valley or Austin, TX    #5359

Software - Development Engineer 

North Carolina #5345

Software - Engineer 

North Carolina #5347


Sr. Software Engineer

Bay Area #5355

Salesforce "Certified Architect" 

Almost anywhere #5306


Salesforce Developer, Technical Lead 

East Coast  #5297


 Senior Software Architect/BIG DATA Systems

Silicon Valley   #5292



 Corporate Application Engineer

Field Application Engineer...Formal

Valley (Other locations considered)  #5369

 Corporate Application Engineer

 Corporate Application Engineer

Valley  #5367


Physical Design (PD) Hardware Engineer    

Bay Area or Austin, TX  #5377

Analog Design Engineer   

North Carolina #5335

Senior Analog Design Engineers 

North Carolina #5337

Layout Engineer    

North Carolina #5339

Senior (and less-Senior) Staff Design Engineer

North Carolina #5341


North Carolina #5343


Senior Account Manager VERIFICATION

Valley  #5259 


Senior & (less) Senior Design Verification Engineers

Austin #5316 & #5318

Senior & (less) Senior Design Verification Engineers

Valley #5320 - #5324

Tel. 305-598-2222

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