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Mark Gilbert

EDA Careers



We understand that there are a few different ways to submit your resume to a company, but the only way to get absolute attention and follow up, is when you submit your resume through a qualified recruiter, like us!

EDA-Careers has the relationships and tenacity to assure that the right people not only see your resume, but “look” at your resume, as well. And you WANT, NEED, DESERVE that type of follow up.

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At EDA Careers, we do RECRUITING differently! 
​​​​​​​Our follow up is what makes us the Industry's #1 recruiting firm 
We make sure to qualify both sides before submitting, by making sure the candidate rightfully fits the needs of the company, and the candidates, opportunities that match their skills.
We know both sides are busy and follow up is needed to keep focus on the process... Our job is to stay involved (from the beginning), every step of the way, helping both sides to stay informed and keep things moving forward to a conclusion. 
A few things we do...
  • Initial preparation for 1st screen
  • Help to arrange best times for all sides, send invites, make sure both sides accept
  • Follow-ups with both parties
  • Discuss results, thoughts, concerns, and help arrange next steps (or notify of not)
  • Discuss and advise both sides on COMP issues and expectations
  • Help to close the process
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